1. Allen Tir


    Thanks for the tips. Tried but was not able to get the Joye web site to link to my Amazon account for buying the VCDs. The RealPlayer Sp Download works great. Though, not getting the level of quality that I would like but, it is good enough to put on my flat sreen TV and practice the forms. I own you one.


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      You’re welcome!

      I guess you’ve to register a new account for the China Amazon, I’ve tested it and my Amazon account didn’t work as well.

      May the “Chi” be with you!


  2. Allen Tir

    Excellent video. I’ve been praticing taiji 48 form using master Li DVD. I learnt it and able to follow easily in compare to other DVD that i’ve bought. I would like to know where can I buy the Chen style 56 form DVD by Master Li Deyin ? Following the web video is impossible too practice because too many interuptions and small screen video. If DVD play back I can project to my big screen in a larger room. Thanks for sharing.

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